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Hydrogen Insight

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.  It is a clear, colourless gas, with an energy density almost three times greater than gasoline.  Green hydrogen (hydrogen derived from renewables) is widely seen as a fast emerging and sustainable solution for the decarbonisation of the global economy.

Scotland has vast natural resources which can be utilised to develop a thriving hydrogen economy. With an abundance of renewable energy generation, Scotland has the potential to produce sufficient green hydrogen for its domestic market, but also for exporting internationally. Onshore and offshore wind, hydro, wave and tidal energy can all be drawn upon to produce hydrogen for a range of purposes, including rail, shipping and industrial applications such as distilleries.   

Here are some facts you should know about hydrogen:

  1. Production methods of hydrogen – the colours of hydrogen
  2. Uses of hydrogen
  3. Fuel Cells
  4. Hydrogen Policy Environment
  5. Hydrogen Research and Development in Scotland


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