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Wattala Rohan Fernando, Project Engineer

email: [email protected]

Wattala has over twenty years of hands-on experience in Electronics, Electrical, Power and Energy Engineering with major organisations of both national and international reputation. He has also extensive research skills acquired through his academic work in energy system design, community energy projects, small-scale renewable energy projects and sustainable energy projects. His work provides a valuable link between universities and government energy authorities to make a proper dialogue to reform private energy sectors. He contributed knowledge and skills to implement projects and encourage private sector participation and always made excellent links with academia and industry to find the best optimum solutions within the related energy projects.

As a researcher, Wattala helped develop new energy models, techniques and methods for analysing national and international local energy projects, collaborating with related stakeholders such as academia, industry, international organisations, associated councils and energy production companies. He has substantial grounding, experience and knowledge of modelling the local energy systems considering essential criteria and parameters such as policies, environmental impacts, economic constraints, energy demand and supply, and novel methods for design and implementation of sustainable power supply in rural and urban areas. HIs modelling and design experience also includes design and modelling the “Zero Carbon” energy and transport sector within the local energy systems, including naval technologies such as battery technologies, H2 technology, wind, solar, biofuels and electric vehicle technologies.

He has good grounding with KTP projects, and has closely liaised with Innovate UK, ETP Scotland, KTN Edinburgh and Energy System Catapult for the various energy projects. He was the key member of the research team for decarbonising electricity, industry, and transport. Wattala worked closely with SMEs in the Scotland area related to the above activities. When working with university and industry projects, he was also responsible for the funding. He has managed to create research partnerships and coordinate specialists’ facilities for the external business community to a good start towards making the world a cleaner, greener place.